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Absolutely disgusting for 2 years

December 8, 2021
How can a doctor help people on the phone, what if they don't have internet as most of us senior citizens don't. Since when did the receptionist become the doctor and you are left on hold for 30 minutes when you are caller number one
Stella smith

You can never get an appointment

June 27, 2021
I can never get through on the phone, when you do there’s no appointments! I’ve been referred to gynaecologist over 3 months ago and still no appointment from the hospital. They Google everything when you tell them what’s wrong with you. They have no compassion when it comes to kids with special needs. I think
Overall they just blame Covid now for everything

Very poor

April 1, 2021
It’s very difficult to get a phone consultation with a doctor, after nearly 2 weeks of keep trying I finally got a consultation, I had a very bad psoriasis flare up, and still couldn’t get any shower wash or ointment that I was prescribed by my consultant, if you phone after 9.30 you cannot get an appointment, it’s very badly run

Lovely doctors but some shortfalls

March 23, 2021
I have recently been experiencing some health problems since August last year and they were dealt with not as fast as I would of liked, but it was diagnosed and sorted in a few months. My health issues have continued and although I am not a doctor, I know there is something not right with myself but despite my nagging the doctors have been very calm and sympathetic in dealing with me but it's made it difficult with covid and with my anxiety issues I felt I needed to see a dcotor to feel less anxious but that hasn't happened.

I had my coil taken out on the advise of the doctor as I've had some issues and the nurse didn't even know why I was having it out and then when I needed a smear test to rule out possibilities was told to come back in 3 months as I cant have it done yet. I am now beside myself with worry and have to wait.
Although some issues I can't fault the doctors or the surgery they have been brilliant with me so far.

A lovely new surgery, good reception staff.

March 22, 2021
Very helpful when I was making enquiries about my COVID jab.

Main GP does not listen to patients

April 16, 2020
The head doctor of this surgery comes across condescending & arrogant. He clearly believes he is above/better than his patients & therefore knows it all. He does not listen! He doesn’t care to listen. Which has led to him making horrific errors & judgments within my family alone. Telling my brother he was just sleeping on his arm funny when he in fact had MS! Prescribing my sister a 3 day course of antibiotics after witnessing her in the back seat of a car as she was unable to walk into the GP surgery! & telling her to come back in a few days. She was barely able to talk & couldn't hold her head up! .. less than 1 hour later she was being rushed in to hospital in an ambulance with septicaemia & was close to death! This is to name only a few! I could sadly go on. I fully intend on changing my GP as soon as possible. There is some lovely young doctors there but the oldest longest working one lets them down. So patronising it’s infuriating!

Arran Medical Centre



Mull Croft
Smiths Wood
West Midlands
B36 0PU


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