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Not good waiting time over 7 hours

Accident and emergency services
April 20, 2022
After going to a+e twice in a matter of days and waiting over 7 hours both times, even though the second time there was hardly anyone in the waiting area and I couldn't bresth I still had to wait a long time. I couldn't fault the staff once I was seen and was admitted noth times fairly quickly

Regularly attend haematology & oncology

April 19, 2022
Staff in haematology and oncology are excellent. They regularly review my elderly mother and treat her as an individual and are very knowledgeable about her condition and treatment. Very caring staff from reception, nurses, blood nurses, consultants.

experience in ICU was excellent

January 24, 2022
Experience of care received in ICU was excellent

Very helpful

January 24, 2022
The staff in the pharmacy were very helpful

Worst hospital ever

Accident and emergency services
December 8, 2021
I was here for 9 days for pain management of my brain tumour. I was threatened by a cleaner I was starving because the food here is so terribly bad. I lost weight whilst there. 9 out of the 10 staff are just horrible literally just there for a wage! Felt no real care here whatsoever it’s disgusting, when I got my bed there where still someone’s dirty old knickers in the cupboard by the bed. Next time I went to hospital I drove over an hour to get to the QE!
Lea bailey

Waited 13 hours on a metal chair in a&e

Accident and emergency services
November 26, 2021
I went to A&E on Monday at 1.30pm with chest pains + it took 3 hours to see triage nurse, eventually left at 2.30am Tuesday, with no food or drink all the time I was there and no satisfactory outcome or explanation for my symptoms after my heart was tested and was ok. All this time sat on hard metal chair!

Money robbed

Accident and emergency services
October 22, 2021
Fella had money taken while in comatosed state and because reported it 2 days leater apaz got a letter statin he was aggresive ect its all lies n police involved

Very upsetting experience

Accident and emergency services
October 9, 2021
I was 70 at the time, was taken to Heartlands by ambulance after a fall was kept in A&E for several hours crying in pain, 2 nurses tried lifting me onto a bed and I was crying, caught them both smirking.
Taken to a ward. For 5days I was being told I would have an xray but didn't, saw no doctor, no one came to diagnose me, in the end I called out to a doctor to ask if I had slipped through the net, he came back and told me a doctor would come and see me. Think it was either day 5/6 taken for xray. Broke my recently fitted hip replacement and also my femar. Whilst waiting to be operated on 2 physio's asked me to get up. I asked why they said to get you walking, sorted that out, they went to the nursing station came back and said there had been a mix up. Friends came to see me on a hot sunny day, I asked them to get me blankets as I was so cold started shaking, they went to the nurses station, a male nurse came looked at notes and said ' you should have had a transfusion ' I was then given 2 packs of blood. Blooded dressings were left on my bedside locker which was taken off the patient in the bed next to me brought in over night, a visitor of mine put gloves on took it to the nurses station and asked where she should put it and they told her where. Took me a long time to recover and an experience I won't forget.

Disgusted by the staff at the maternity

October 8, 2021
Demeaning, sarcastic and just plain rude! Staff there have no empathy and hopefully they themselves aren't parents if that's the attitude they have or social services should pay them a visit!

Emergency admission, poor nursing

Accident and emergency services
September 30, 2021
Lost initial blood cultures. Lost Covid Pcr. Nurses knowledge on ward was poor on use of opiates in under 18’s and drugs that are antipyretics. I was told Ibuprofen has no antipyretic properties despite this being clearly untrue, please refer to NICE guidelines stating Ibuprofen is an antipyretic. Nurse nearly overdosed my son on paracetamol insisting he could have another dose two hours after the last which was his fourth in 24 hours, so he would have had five doses in 24 hours the fifth only being two hours after the fourth.
On admission to A and E which should have been blue lights ambulance ( but no ambulance available despite GP being very clear it was needed immediately) so took him in ourselves. Despite me explaining this and showing the GP letter to receptionist she said to wait in the waiting room like everyone else. After speaking to a paramedic outside they said bang on door of triage until someone sees him, which we did and thankfully we did that as he was seriously ill.
He got the treatment he needed but not as quickly as he should have for the suspected condition. Without a parent being with him the care provided would have been insufficient and at times dangerous.

UHB - Heartlands



Bordesley Green


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