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Waited 13 hours on a metal chair in a&e

Accident and emergency services
November 26, 2021
I went to A&E on Monday at 1.30pm with chest pains + it took 3 hours to see triage nurse, eventually left at 2.30am Tuesday, with no food or drink all the time I was there and no satisfactory outcome or explanation for my symptoms after my heart was tested and was ok. All this time sat on hard metal chair!

Money robbed

Accident and emergency services
October 22, 2021
Fella had money taken while in comatosed state and because reported it 2 days leater apaz got a letter statin he was aggresive ect its all lies n police involved

Very upsetting experience

Accident and emergency services
October 9, 2021
I was 70 at the time, was taken to Heartlands by ambulance after a fall was kept in A&E for several hours crying in pain, 2 nurses tried lifting me onto a bed and I was crying, caught them both smirking.
Taken to a ward. For 5days I was being told I would have an xray but didn't, saw no doctor, no one came to diagnose me, in the end I called out to a doctor to ask if I had slipped through the net, he came back and told me a doctor would come and see me. Think it was either day 5/6 taken for xray. Broke my recently fitted hip replacement and also my femar. Whilst waiting to be operated on 2 physio's asked me to get up. I asked why they said to get you walking, sorted that out, they went to the nursing station came back and said there had been a mix up. Friends came to see me on a hot sunny day, I asked them to get me blankets as I was so cold started shaking, they went to the nurses station, a male nurse came looked at notes and said ' you should have had a transfusion ' I was then given 2 packs of blood. Blooded dressings were left on my bedside locker which was taken off the patient in the bed next to me brought in over night, a visitor of mine put gloves on took it to the nurses station and asked where she should put it and they told her where. Took me a long time to recover and an experience I won't forget.

Disgusted by the staff at the maternity

October 8, 2021
Demeaning, sarcastic and just plain rude! Staff there have no empathy and hopefully they themselves aren't parents if that's the attitude they have or social services should pay them a visit!

Emergency admission, poor nursing

Accident and emergency services
September 30, 2021
Lost initial blood cultures. Lost Covid Pcr. Nurses knowledge on ward was poor on use of opiates in under 18’s and drugs that are antipyretics. I was told Ibuprofen has no antipyretic properties despite this being clearly untrue, please refer to NICE guidelines stating Ibuprofen is an antipyretic. Nurse nearly overdosed my son on paracetamol insisting he could have another dose two hours after the last which was his fourth in 24 hours, so he would have had five doses in 24 hours the fifth only being two hours after the fourth.
On admission to A and E which should have been blue lights ambulance ( but no ambulance available despite GP being very clear it was needed immediately) so took him in ourselves. Despite me explaining this and showing the GP letter to receptionist she said to wait in the waiting room like everyone else. After speaking to a paramedic outside they said bang on door of triage until someone sees him, which we did and thankfully we did that as he was seriously ill.
He got the treatment he needed but not as quickly as he should have for the suspected condition. Without a parent being with him the care provided would have been insufficient and at times dangerous.


Accident and emergency services
August 27, 2021
Waited 2 & 1/2 hours last night with my poorly 16 yr old daughter till 2:30am this morning @ heartlands hospital. Did not get to see a nurse or a doctor! Children’s ward (that was empty) would not see her as was over 15. So I had to stand with my daughter & experience people trying to kill each other in the waiting, swearing, crying & shouting definitely not a place for children. I will never use A&E at this hospital again.

Quick & efficient

Accident and emergency services
August 20, 2021
Best experience I've had at heartlands
Tracie mckrown

Bloods dropped - b12+folate deficiency

July 25, 2021
On admission my red cells dropped to 31 and was kept in hospital with blood tests everyday, I was in hospital overall for 9 days (a very long 9 days) I had my own room on ward 19 right in the corner, nurses amazing can't fault them. The doctors however need to learn to communicate properly with patients, I was left in the dark everyday, I was having blood tests and not finding out what was happening, not being told ANYTHING. food was awful.

After I left I was given an haematology appointment and when I arrived there was no appointment booked and was left waiting, second time going there wasn't even a doctor to see me they've done nothing to help me to the point I been asked to move to a different haematology department due to how awful heartlands were

Disgusting staff don't have the time for you

July 25, 2021
My daughter was born here and I had a very traumatic birth, my midwife was lovely but the one before didn't speak to me once and I was on my own with her in labour for an hour, she didn't even look at me! The doctor performed forceps without asking me when they should always inform you of what they're doing. My staff told me it was fine for me to sit in bed sheets covered in blood for the whole of my stay. I am a carer and would never do that to anybody I was caring for! Didn't get checked on once through out the night being a first time mum I think thats disgusting. I was told told get in the shower 20 minutes after I had just being sewed following my daughters birth& went extremely dizzy. My daughter had a scan the next day for her heart and the cardiologist decided to speak on the phone the whole time whilst scanning her and told me she didn't have a murmer and she was fine. 6 weeks later she was extremely poorly and had a milk allergy when listening to her heart my doctor found a murmer. She had a scan at good hope hospital and she now has to have a check up every 3 months. This could also have been picked up on my pregnancy scans that I had every single month at this hospital. Not thorough doctors at all and have no passion for their jobs.
Erica busby

Argumentative and untrained

Accident and emergency services
June 26, 2021
My family avoid coming to this hospital like the plague because they have almost killed my father on multiple occasions due to their lack of knowledge of the condition he has. My father has sickle cell anaemia and every time we tell them he has the condition they repeatedly told us he does not have full sickle cell and that he's just a carrier, this Is false as he has had it since he was three years old and all they need to do is look at his notes but when we tell them he's does have it we are just met with attitude when we try and tell them about it and how to treat it. This is a constant situation we have to deal with everytime he is sent there by paramedics and it has almost cost him his life on more than one occasion.
Aidan ballentine

UHB - Heartlands



Bordesley Green


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