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Accessing private cancer care

General Surgery
February 8, 2023
I used private healthcare during my cancer treatment. It was an easy decision for me because the NHS cancer service has a delay of 2 years and the waiting time was unthinkable. I am lucky because my company gave me health insurance which I am grateful for. This hospital was amazing. All professionals were supportive and I was very pleased with them.

Great cancer service

General Surgery
February 8, 2023
I had to make the decision to use private healthcare when I first got my cancer diagnosis. My NHS GP service was not great with getting me the diagnosis at the beginning, there was a delay in getting my blood test done. So after that experience I decided to use private healthcare service. Spire hospital was quick in responding to me, they provided all the information I needed and ongoing support throughout my care. I am really content with my results and how I am responding to the treatments.

Nothing was too much trouble

General Surgery
February 2, 2023
I had a partial knee replacement in October 2022, everyone I met was professional caring and knowledgeable, my care was second to none.
Amanda Bradley

Amazing care and professional team

General Surgery
December 20, 2022
I had a shoulder operation and it was an amazing experience. After care was great and follow up appointment went well.

Very satisfied with my knee operation

General Surgery
November 30, 2022
My GP referred me here for my knee operation on the NHS. Everything went very well, after operation care was brilliant and my recovery was quick. I'm able to go about my normal lifestyle again.

Seeing Spire for CBT counselling

November 13, 2022
I am/have been seeing a specialist at Spire Parkway as my appointment with the consultant at the surgery on the NHS which kept getting pushed back.

great service by the staff

General Surgery
October 25, 2022
I had my hip operation at this hospital, and everything went well, after care was great

Physio service was good and helpful

August 25, 2022
With my arthritis, I was referred for a physio after having a fall.
The consultants gave me injections to aid the condition. I have still got the condition.
I found the service at the hospital good and helpful.

Great care

July 26, 2022
My mum was sent there for operation on the NHS. They care she received was great, staff were amazing and extraordinarily caring.

Fantastic care

General Surgery
August 28, 2021
Fantastic care straightforward instructions great communication and caring people.
Jayne pepall

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