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Dreadful I think they have forgotten me

May 24, 2024
It's almost 10 months since I last had an appointment. Last time I was seen by a nurse that got my name wrong while talking to me. This service used to be OK, what on earth has happened?

A complete waste of time

May 14, 2024
A complete waste of time for unwell people seeking genuine help. Many if not all of the staff I’ve interacted with over the last 2 years are unable to provide a decent service.

Atrocious mental health service

May 7, 2024
The mental health care at this clinic is currently atrocious. My 3 monthly appointments have been changed to every 6 months without any consultation. When you phone the main number they either don't answer or if they do they cannot communicate effectively and can't understand you. If you make a complaint about the service it can be used against you. I believe that it's too late to offer help at the point of crisis when support should be given to prevent a crisis.

Kept in the dark

March 18, 2024
I feel I have been treated as a name, not a human and kept in the dark over treatment, consultations and the future. I can't usually get through on phone and when I do I am treated poorly by the ill mannered staff. I also regularly have trouble understanding the receptionist.

Weird ideations about what mental illness is

October 29, 2023
The drugs play havoc with your memory, so you kind of forget your problems and/or forget how to express them (is that a cure?). During a crisis, knowing what the drugs do, they patronise you as you reach out. If you fail to respond to their 'every trick in the book technique', they falsify your medical reviews/records. They may also look for ways to refer you back to your doctor (maybe that is good care/treatment). Needing help with a benefit claim, I noticed that my review letters were useless, I asked for a support letter (I was supposed to be ill), the support letter gave me nothing but a glowing report into how well I was doing. I believe that Lyndon Clinic is more obsessed with targets than care...

They saved my life!

October 6, 2023
I am very happy with the services provided. They saved my life.

Brilliant service

September 25, 2023
I have found the services brilliant. I now visit every 6 months. I find the staff friendly and informative. They have really helped me.

Just awful

August 31, 2023
Wrong diagnosis, wrong medication, rudeness, breach of confidentiality.

Single point of access has been wonderful

August 31, 2023
I have found the services to be wonderful through the single point of access system.

Badly underresourced service

August 25, 2023
Some staff seem unprofessional. 48 hours reply time for duty is woeful!

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