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Poor service

July 11, 2022
Issues with the doctor. Phone last week and trying to get on medication. Husband was in the car when i received the call from nurse to see how i was. My husband mentioned to the doctor he thinks i should be put back on medication so i told him to shut up. The doctor said don't talk to your husband so i disconnected the phone as i was not happy with the way the doctor spoke with me.
When it was day center it was good. was suppose to get discharged when i have been at the clinic but never was.


July 11, 2022
Was good when it was a day hospital but now very poor. They don't listen or care. People talk and say it is going to close

No mental health appointment since before loc

October 24, 2021
Ive had one telephone call since before lockdown which lasted 7 minutes with a doctor id never even met or spoke to before

Phone Call Once every few months

August 18, 2021
When Coronavirus started didn't hear for ages about ongoing support. Still won't see you in person think it's just an excuse to save money and resources.

Lyndon Resource Centre


0121 301 4800

Hobs Meadow
B92 8PW


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