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Made me travel elsewhere

June 10, 2024
I was told that I had to go to Knowle surgery instead. I am 92 and had to get the bus which isn't right.

Difficult to get an appointment

June 10, 2024
It is very difficult to get an appointment here. I called yesterday and was 30th in the queue and didn't get through for a very long time. When I did speak to someone they refused to answer any of my questions. It is impossible to walk in and get an appointment either.

In extreme pain waiting for appointment

June 10, 2024
I have been waiting for over a year for a dermatology appointment. I have spent 2 years in extreme pain and unable to sleep due to my skin and being given the wrong treatment. This service just isn't fit for purpose.

Given up trying

June 10, 2024
I have given up trying to get in touch with my GP due to their inactivity.

Problems with medications

June 3, 2024
We usually have good links with this service but recently have had a big problem with getting medications for those in our care.

The staff are helpful and try their best

February 29, 2024
I find Park Surgery pretty good. It can be difficult to get a face to face appointment but the reception staff are very helpful and do their best to get you in if your symptoms are serious or it's an urgent matter.

Hard to get a face to face appointment

January 25, 2024
There is a long telephone queue every time I call up, and it is normal to be holding in a queue for over 30 minutes. Face to face appointments are almost impossible to get.

I have not been referred to required services

October 9, 2023
I have not had any problems getting an appointment but I have experienced great difficulties with being referred on for specialist treatment. I have paid privately for a number of joint operations which I should have been able to access through the NHS.

No appointments & unhelpful

August 23, 2023
My wife who lives with a health condition was very unwell and I tried to get an urgent appointment. It was on a Friday, and despite explaining how unwell she was I was told to call back on Monday. No advice or alternative advice was given. We ended up in hospital that evening, and had to call 999.

The surgery is still closed

July 14, 2023
The surgery is still closed and we are still being sent to other practices in the partnership.

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