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June 30, 2022
Used to go for appointment every 6 months but since covid this has changed and now it is once or twice a year. All source of communication is digital although i do get letters sometimes in the post.

Brilliant Service

June 26, 2022
I have been using the service for 4 years and the staff have been very good, friendly. the service has been brilliant and they have been very helpful with the advice, support and information they give.

Waste of time mental health worse

May 12, 2022
I have been with the maple leaf center for mental health for over a year. In this time I have been forgotten about had them miss appointments for them to say they have called yet nothing in my call log and still to this day after a year of waiting for an a assessment to be told I have to wait even longer. Even though I have clearly waited long enough. I have been messed around so much that I just don't care anymore my mental health has become worse not better worse. To the point I have now made the decision i won't be going back. It doesn't matter how much you call, complain or tell them how desperate you are they are not interested and the only excuse you will get is COVID. I get COVID has caused problems however my mental health isn't going to wait for COVID. If I could put no stars I would.

Not the best

September 6, 2021
My husband has vascular dementia/Alzeimhers, due to Covid he has not had any face-to-face appointments, the telephone appointments have been far from ideal, the consultant is obviously reading off a tick-list as my husband can more or less guess what the next question is going to be. The reception staff at MLC are rude and abrupt - one time he rang to change an appointment the reply was -'what do you want' - not the best way to treat any of their patients. We have already made a complaint through PALS but just received a 'standard' reply which was not satisfactory. PS: The CNS was great and we received more information and empathy from him than we did from the more senior staff.

Home visits from this team were patchy

September 1, 2021
Some amazing, supportive people came in to my granddaughter from this team but at times a couple of the team were judgemental and overbearing scaring their client to the point she had nightmares.
One minute they were taking her into care, the next she’s discharged with info there would be a psychologist appointed. Now it’s just a phone call from the Newington centre from a doctor nearly three weeks time. Ok but my granddaughter is unable to talk on the phone due to autism and severe ocd so please tell me how that helps? Also what happened to the psychologist that she really needs?
Not impressed
Elaine Easthope

Have some reservations about some staff

August 17, 2021
The team have been coming in to my Autistic adult granddaughter and some of the staff are distressing her with their attitude. Some of the staff are amazing but their work is being hampered by a few uncaring nurses. She is quite ill but we feel they are not taking her autistic difficulties into consideration
Elaine Easthope

Awful. Dire lack of appropriate care.

May 21, 2021
Feel alot of adults are treated for Alzheimer's here. god help them if they can't advocate for themselves! Mental health care patients fobbed off with poor low level support when they need robust support put in place. Not sure how qualified some of the staff are? Feels like the budget doesn't exist and they need people to be moved out of their remit ASAP. The crisis line is a joke. Common advice is to do a bit of breathing or some mindfulness like colouring in. Look after your mental health because if you need real support there is nothing unless you pay private. Lack of care plans and any direction. Not transparent. Poor communication. Appalling for those most vunerable in our community.

They discharged me for their mistake

January 14, 2021
I attended the Centre before the covid started then I was told they were not seeing anyone at the centre and would be doing everything over the phone. I had 1 call and that was OK then I never heard anything until I got a letter saying I had been discharged due to not attending appointments ( on phone ) that I knew nothing about. I rang the center and explained and was told that it was one of them things and to go back to my gp to get re referred even though the discharge letter from them said if it was a mistake to contact them. I am suffering with my mental health and have no where to turn to. Feel so alone and let down by the Maple Leaf Center
Sean Osborne

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