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June 2, 2024
I got a medical leaflet of the side effects of of a drug. I went through checking all of these potential side effects, and I can tell I am experiencing some of them, none of my concerns were met after raising this. especially after going the hospital last year and got told my liver function has gone down. finding out a possible side effect of quetiapine is elevated liver enzymes which is probably why my liver function is down. and the result of bringing it up to a doctor, they threw out my concerns and believe its something completely different.

Not satisfied with the service

April 10, 2024
I have been referred to the Maple Leaf Centre and been under their care for a number of years. I have not been happy with the service provided. I do not feel that they have helped me.

Not getting the support I need

January 10, 2024
My experience has been poor, and I am not getting the mental health support that I need.

They have been a great help

December 12, 2023
The service has been brilliant, and has been a great help to me.

Appointments never on time

November 24, 2023
Appointments never on time, cancelled or after waiting 40 minutes being told the doctor has gone home. Not sure how long I would have waited if I hadn't checked at reception.

Argumentative & unhelpful psychiatrist

October 12, 2023
I have been receiving treatment for a number of years and unfortunately I am medication resistant making it difficult to keep my symptoms under control. My original psychiatrist was very helpful and kind but since they left I have been left unhappy with the treatment received from my new psychiatrist. I find them very argumentative and unwilling to listen to how I am feeling. They do not take into account my feelings and/or opinion about treatment going forward. I have been told that they would follow up from my last appointment and get in touch with me but they did not. I always make sure that my spouse attends with me because the appointments are so stressful and uncomfortable. Despite my problems with the psychiatrist the nurses who work here are lovely.

I do not feel like they listen to me

October 11, 2023
I had a really great psychiatrist who listened to me and was very thorough in providing excellent care. They felt that my previous diagnosis was not correct and supported me in getting the right diagnosis to ensure that I got the help I needed and had access to the right medication. Unfortunately, they have now left and I have been unhappy with with the service provided by my newly appointed psychiatrist. They do not listen to what I want to say and I feel like they dismiss me. The mental health nurse I see is okay.

Really feeling the benefits of great support

September 22, 2023
I had a wait of 6-7 months from being referred, during that time I was provided with information of crisis numbers and support groups. I have been seeing a mental health practitioner weekly. I am really feeling the benefit of these appointments and the consistency of them.

Ruined my life

August 31, 2023
I was referred to the maple leaf centre with stress related issues. They diagnosed me with depression and gave me drugs for sleep that turned out to give me psychosis, no one picked up on this and I somehow managed to discharge myself.

Dangerous and uncaring

August 29, 2023
Doctor took me off all my meds cold turkey during crisis. Gave me a month script days after an attempt on my life and then discharged me in crisis after another attempt. Such a joke of a service and so dangerous.

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