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Outstanding & provide very good support

September 8, 2023
I am very pleased with the service I receive from my surgery. They offer good levels of help and support. I have no trouble booking appointments.

I can usually see a requested doctor

September 1, 2023
The surgery is quite good. I like to see a specific doctor and this request is usually accommodated.

The staff are very accommodating

August 7, 2023
The surgery is very good. I have no issues booking telephone appointments or face to face appointments. I find the staff very accommodating.

Very satisfied

April 3, 2023
All staff here are helpful.

Great care environment

April 2, 2023
I am very pleased with the professionalism of all the staff here. The doctors are consistent and I get to see the same doctor on each visit.

Admin errors have caused me difficulties

March 31, 2023
The admin side of things at this surgery are over stretched. They have printed out the wrong dates on fit notes which has caused me problems. They make it hard for you to get an appointment. The system is just broken.

Wrong dates printed on fit notes

March 6, 2023
The admin side is over stretched. They print the wrong dates on fit notes. They make it hard for you to get an appointment. The system is just broken.

Hard to get passed reception

February 14, 2023
The doctors are very good when you get to see them. Very hard to get an appointment when needed. Long waiting times for face to face appointments. Reception staff are pleasant but hard to get through. I do not wish to discuss my medical needs with reception staff.

I would preferred a more person centred approach

December 12, 2022
My GP is great but I wish they could find another way to support me to get better in order to start being independent again. The doctors are not paying much attention on me. Every person is different and I wish there was more person-centred approach.

Great service

November 25, 2022
My GP is very good with appointments and the phones are always free. When I was in Birmingham, my GP was terrible, and I moved to Solihull.

Richmond Medical Centre



179 Richmond Road
West Midlands
B92 7SA


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