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Medication supply issues

June 3, 2024
There has recently been an issue with medication supplies from this service. We had to keep badgering them and eventually it was sorted.

Can never get appointments when you need one

March 17, 2024
I am fed up with the 8am lottery for appointments. My husband has been informed that he has abnormal blood test results and a doctor will phone to discuss in 5 weeks time! 5 weeks of stress, worry and not knowing.

No GP on a daily basis at Village Surgery

March 15, 2024
Resident GPs have been removed from this surgery which is not suitable for a lot of residents. Some no longer drive and the bus service is not frequent enough to get to alternative surgeries that are offered for a GP appointment. I am never able to get an appointment when phoning Village Surgery at 8am I am always given the same answer that there are no appointments left. However, if you ring 111 they will offer you an appointment for that day at the Village Surgery. We should not have to use this route unless absolutely necessary but it will be used more frequently just to be able to get an appointment.

Poor service for appointments

March 15, 2024
Tried to book a review on time for a lifelong condition and was told cant book until I am contacted even though it's overdue. Appointments are never available, yet the surgery waiting room is always empty. Calls are never answered.

Awful. Unhelpful and rude.

March 5, 2024
Can never get an appointment. My daughter was turned away yesterday and ended up in Solihull walk in, which resulted in her being diagnosed with severe tonsillitis. Avoid this surgery. I have not been seen, or been inside the surgery since before COVID!

No permanent GP available

December 9, 2023
Expected to travel to other GP Healthcare sites in the group to be able to see a GP. We have an aging population in the village who don't all drive and the bus service to get to our nearest surgery runs every 30-45mins. Not suitable to have elderly people or very young children who are unwell having to wait at bus stops when there is a perfectly usable practice within walking distance. Annual health checks (ie bloods) have not been done as they should be and a lot of the older patients want to speak with a doctor not a paramedic or nurse practitioner as it gives them more confidence in what can be done for them.
According to the group website there are 45 doctors including the practice owners to serve 6 practices all the other surgeries have at least 1 GP available every day this surgery has none. Looking at the number of GPs within the group (I know they don't all work full time) there should be 9 GPs allotted to cover each surgery however, the GPS Healthcare Group decided and still won't revisit their decision to remove all GPs from this surgery. Not what I call care in the community.

Concerned about Doctors Leaving

February 14, 2023
I have unable to get a doctors appointment to physically see a doctor. The reception staff are sometimes helpful but sometimes not. I'm concerned that things will get worse now that two doctors have left the practice.

Perfect care

February 3, 2023
My son has had multiple medical problems since turning 1 and they have been nothing but accommodating and helpful every time.

Extremely hard to get appointments

February 3, 2023
Very difficult to get appointments by ringing the surgery. Used to have a direct line now have to go through Tanworth Lane number then select for Village Surgery. Pre 2020 it was easier by calling the surgery direct. However, we have some extremely unhelpful receptionists who are very rude when trying to explain why an appointment is needed. I disagree with a receptionist knowing what my medical problem is so that they decide whether or not I can have an appointment my medical issue is something I need to speak with a GP about not a receptionist.
The way the reception and waiting area is set up anyone in the waiting room can hear any phone call the receptionist takes and any patient who comes into the practice trying to make an appointment explaining their symptoms - NOT very private as some patients in the waiting area are clearly embarrassed by what they hear.
Since 2020 when we do get an appointment we never see the same GP so most of the time is taken up going over medical history - we need continuity of care and seeing the same GP each time would be very beneficial.
I have been trying to get my annual bloods done (now 3 years since last taken) and receptionist tells me I have to be invited by a Healthcare professional to have them done - seeing as how I can't get to speak to one I am still waiting - not happy about this at all.

Good improvement

September 5, 2022
It depends on what service you request, when I need to see the doctor, I get phone consultation and then they ask me to come in if they think its necessary.

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