Stress Awareness Month

April 23, 2021

This April is Stress Awareness Month.

According to the Mental health Foundation, 74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. The last year has been especially difficult, particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s even more important that we’re looking after ourselves and one another.

Stress is one of our greatest public health challenges. Stress is a significant factor in mental health problems like anxiety and depression, and is also linked to physical problems such as heart disease, insomnia, digestive issues, and problems with our immune system.

The month of April is our opportunity to help break the stigma around stress: talk about stress and its effects with your friends and colleagues, and show compassion to those who are feeling anxious. Most importantly, look after yourself – the last year has been an extremely difficult time for us all, so take time out of your day to relax and ensure you have space to breathe.

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