Solihull Healthcare Partnership (SHP) – We are listening to and championing patients’ views

Recently, we have been alerted to concerns around Solihull Healthcare Partnership. We want to ensure patients that we are actively gathering your views and analysing the key issues. We are also engaging with the people who run and regulate the service, to ensure that your voices are heard.

Our Healthwatch Manager, Natalie Travers said: “We are aware of the online discussions about SHP, and we are grateful to the residents that have flagged these posts to us. We have recently gathered over 150 pieces of feedback from SHP service users and we want to thank these people for sharing their views. We are also aware that some people are concerned about sharing their views due to repercussions if they share negative feedback, please be assured all feedback is anonymous and we do not share any personal details. Please continue to share your experiences with us and we will continue to work with partners and champion your views”.

Please continue to tell us your views, good and bad, on our feedback centre here –

Yesterday evening, we held a virtual meeting and we want to thank the people who attended and shared their views about local GP surgeries. We can’t do our work without your views, so please look out for future meetings and continue to share your experiences.

8 Responses to “Solihull Healthcare Partnership (SHP) – We are listening to and championing patients’ views”

  1. Christy del Strother

    Once I have spoken to a doctor or nurse, the care and treatment has been fine. Discussing medical issues and getting prescriptions has been simple. However getting through to speak to someone often takes over an hour which is unacceptable and very frustrating. Recently, I tried to get medical advice for my son. It took over an hour on the phone and 2 ‘queues’ to be put on the triage list. I then waited nearly 3 hours for a triage phonecall back. It was very distressing when I had a poorly toddler to look after.

  2. Georgina Earl

    It has taken me 2hrs and 20 mins to get a phone appointment with a pharmacist employed by my surgery. How many hoops will I need to jump through to get an appointment with a doctor. I know I need to see a doctor but I don’t want a phone call or to tell a receptionist what my symptons are. We need the service back that we had way before Covid 19 when the practices were independant.

  3. Sally Cridland

    Please please let us get answers to why we cannot get through without having to hang on for hours on end to speak to anyone
    We are told on TV contact your doctor what a joke l don’t blame the receptionist they just cannot have enough staff.

  4. Sarah Johnson

    The shp
    Service is not working at all, it’s ridiculous to get through to.
    You will be dealing with a lot more serious repercussions if they don’t get the phones answered quicker, I worry about what is being missed for people during this terrible service !

  5. Alison Faulkner

    The old phone system where you were offered appointments, test results and admin meant that at least you were in the right queue to talk to people.
    I think it is just as well the doctor can’t take your blood pressure after you have waited over an hour to speak to someone.

  6. K Saunders

    I had to ring 111 as I couldn’t get through on the phone. They managed to get through and told me I would get a call from gp within an hour. I got a call from a receptionist
    at a surgery that is not mine with the advice “ go to a&e!
    Also there has been very poor information regarding how to get a repeat prescription on the new system when the old one worked perfectly. I now have to take my repeat to the surgery.

  7. Dr.H.Rahman

    I tried to book my repeat prescription through the link it does not and I will miss my essential drugs. Can not ring my surgery as I am 33 in the line. Very annoyed and frustrated. This system is not working .Please make it user friendly or this will have serious patient safety effects. Dr. H. Rahman


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