Proposal: Solihull Hospital becoming a COVID-free elective hospital

May 1, 2020

Birmingham and Solihull CCG said: University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) has made a proposal about such changes to the use of their facilities, in particular in relation to Solihull Hospital becoming a COVID-free elective hospital, allowing patients to access routine care sooner and in a safer environment through being isolated from the other sites managing COVID cases at Heartlands, Good Hope and the Queen Elizabeth.

This is part of UHB working towards implementing phase two of their response to the COVID-19 pandemic; this is the gradual restoration of a number of ‘paused’ services across their sites.

Back in March, early signs and the stark modelling prompted a change in the NHS approach to COVID-19. In response, UHB ramped up its operational response (phase one). Over the last 10 days, UHB has seen COVID-19 admissions and inpatient numbers begin to reduce and ITU numbers plateau, however they are still at 150% capacity in ITU.

Phase 2 is therefore about balancing these core requirements in a moderated, proportionate and flexible way over the next 12 to 18 months, to handle the prevailing COVID-19 situation, and still ensuring the safety of patients and staff.

From 01 June 2020, creating a COVID-19 free elective hospital for mainstream elective inpatient activity for Birmingham and Solihull patients at Solihull Hospital – which will mean:

  • The temporary removal of the Minor Injuries Unit, Acute Medical Unit and six medical inpatient wards.
  • With regards to the removal of the MIU, the CCG is currently exploring options at pace to the provision of urgent care services locally. The CCG will be working in partnership with local GP providers to design a solution and ensure that adequate urgent care provision is in place for local people.
  • From 8am on Friday 8 May 2020, all acute medical patients from the east Birmingham/Solihull area will be redirected to Heartlands.
  • Staff will be able to remain working at Solihull, or another UHB hospital.
  • Re-purposing the Ambulatory Care Unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital into inpatient facility including theatres, recovery, ward and ITU. A standalone full service surgical unit will be implemented to re-commence the complex and tertiary activity.
  • The potential use of Good Hope Hospital for elective care will be kept under close review.
  • Clearly, logistical issues such as patient transport, will need to be properly worked through and addressed.

We will update as and when we get more information, if you have any queries you can call us on 0800 470 1518

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