NHS plans to tackle a deepening staffing crisis – Healthwatch England response

February 24, 2023

NHS England has released its proposal to tackle the ongoing staffing crisis.

The proposal to increase the number of places in UK medical schools from 7,500 to 15,000 is part of a draft of the NHS England’s workforce plan, which is expected to be published next month.

It comes amid significant shortages of nurses, doctors as well as midwives, paramedics and operating theatre staff.

Louise Ansari, national director at Healthwatch England said:

“Patients and the public can plainly see that doctors and nurses are on their knees and desperately need reinforcements. So if the long awaited workforce plan confirms a massive expansion of training places, as reported in the Times this morning,  it will be a significant boost for everyone.

But it’s not just more clinical staff we need. More investment in and training of administrative and backroom staff will be critical to improving patient experience, generating efficiencies and letting the doctors and nurses concentrate on the job of caring.”

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