We have a range of volunteering opportunities available with Healthwatch Solihull. Should you be interested in any of the roles above, please contact our Engagement and Information Lead, Natalie Travers by phoning us on 0800 470 1518 or emailing us at enquiries@healthwatchsolihull.org.uk

We hope the various roles we have on offer will give you the opportunity to support:

Marketing and Promotions

This is an opportunity to raise awareness of Healthwatch Solihull. To help distribute our materials and leaflets in your local area. Promote the role of Healthwatch, its events and projects to local people. Tell people about Healthwatch and encourage them to be involved. Encourage organisations and individuals to sign up as Healthwatch Members or Champions.

Events and Engagement

The opportunity to support Healthwatch Solihull at local and county-wide events. To engage with local people and encourage others to get involved. Be the eyes and ears of the local community or community of interest and bring to the attention of the staff team issues or concerns. Collate the views of people to input to Healthwatch developments and initiatives.

Enter and View Authorised Representative

The opportunity to observe health and social care services at the point of delivery; by speaking with staff, patients, residents, relatives and carers, be able to produce a report with recommendations to improve service delivery.


This role involves, designing Surveys, Conducting Fieldwork – Facilitating in-depth interviews and focus groups, secondary data research and data input, social media and monitoring/analysis and Data analysis – qualitative & quantitative.

Reading Panel

The Reading panel is made up of Healthwatch Champions and Healthwatch Members who have specific areas of interest or expertise. It is not necessary to travel for this role as the Reading Panel is a virtual group, contacts are via email or over the phone and can be done in your own time at home.