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Poor emergency service

August 4, 2022
My NHS dentist at this practise left suddenly and received phone call to say they are looking for new NHS dentist and until then they will see myself and family on an emergency basis only.
A week later, temporary filling fell out so called to advise this had happened. Had to leave message and got no response. Rang again and left another message and again, no response. 5 calls later I finally had a response from them to say they will put me on a list for treatment when they get an appointment. A couple of weeks later they rang with emergency appointment. [Dentist Name] agreed that as temporary filling had come out, it was now time to go for a crown but this couldn’t be done until November (unless they found another NHS dentist). He put in another temporary filling so that tooth was sealed. The next day, part of the temporary filling fell off. Rang dental practice, left a message and you guessed it, no response. A temporary filling shouldn’t fall out/off after 24 hours so I just wanted them to replace the bit that had fallen off. Fast forward 7 weeks, the rest of the temporary filling has fallen out. I rang them to say that it had fallen out after 7 weeks and it needed to be redone and yet again, no response from them. I’m just waiting for the pain to start (again) and hopefully then they will listen.
I appreciate that [Dentist Name] has been left in the lurch following the departure of his NHS dentist but he seems to be prioritising his private patients over the practises NHS patients (for which he will still be receiving payment for ?). It’s his name over the Practise door so he should take the responsibility and the flack. If he can’t, he should be honest and upfront and say so rather than leaving patients with substandard treatment.

Mr. Gordon Smith



37 Stratford Road
West Midlands
B90 3LU


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