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Highly recommend!

March 23, 2021
I have been having trouble with my teeth for a few months now but recently moved house and was nowhere near my old dentist. I rang around loads of places to try and find somewhere that was taking new patients and they either weren’t or the wait was over a month/two but I rang Marston Green Dental and they fit me in within the week with no hassle. The dentist and nurse who saw me were friendly enough and moved swiftly. My only complaint would be the receptionist I had to deal with after who gave me attitude for saying I couldn’t come back for a follow up appointment in the week as I work full time Monday-Friday- “well what do you want me to do about that he doesn’t work Saturdays”

Perfect service

March 9, 2021
I was not registered with this practice but they fit me in for a first checkup within 3 days and then for a tooth extraction 5 days after that when every other dentist was saying I’d have to wait until April/May

Put my child at ease

December 16, 2019
My son really didn’t like the dentist and I done all I could trying to relax him in the surgery but he would always get to upset. Thankful the dentist staff shown him some toy teeth and said what they were going to do and put him at ease

Marston Green Dental



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