Meet the team

Andy Cave - CEO

Jane Upton - Head of Operations

Natalie Travers - Healthwatch Manager


Natalie worked within health and social care for 6 years. Working within primary care, mental health services, and social care. Having worked on the front line of NHS services, Natalie decided she wanted to be part of improving services for... more

Scott Baldwin - Engagement and Information Lead


As a former journalist and radio presenter, if there’s one thing that Scott can do well, it’s talk with people.

Starting off at Healthwatch Solihull as a Community Outreach Lead, Scott has made a lot of connections with local... more

Project Officer

Vacant - see our vacancies page for more

Community Officer

Vacant - see our vacancies page for more

Chris Warne - Chair

Chris' career has been in education as a primary school teacher, head teacher for 21 years, Local Authority School Adviser, Director of an inner city Education Action Zone and finally... more

David Wallis - Board Member

Dave Wallis took redundancy from his career in project management and construction in 2013 and since then has become increasingly involved in the voluntary health sector and other local community... more

Jenny Marsh - Board Member

Jenny was born in Solihull and has lived there for most of her adult life. Recently retired after spending the majority of her career working in management and advisory roles... more

Surjit Virk - Board Member

Surj graduated in IT but realised quite soon that this was not the field she wished to be in and has since spent the majority of her career working in... more

Tony Green - Board Member

Tony Green used to say he has three degrees and some professional qualifications and was director of this and that, but now he has much more fun being blissfully retired... more

Caroline Williams - Board Member

coming soon..

David Hinsley - Board Member

coming soon..