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UHB - Heartlands

Rated by Anonymous
17th February 2021

Satisfactory visit to A&E

I didn't want to attend hospital at all but having consulted 111 as to whether it was safe to ignore a minor issue I was told to go to A&E. During the 5 hours I was there, mainly in the waiting room, I engaged with 5 members of staff (3 nurses, radiographer, doctor). It was clean, quiet, well-spaced out and felt safe throughout. I was checked by one pleasant nurse and sent to be X-rayed then eventually after about 3 hours seen by another nurse who didn't realise I'd been X-rayed. (I could tell her, but how would someone who couldn't speak cope?) She sent for a "neck doctor" saying "she" would come and see me. She didn't ask how long the doctor would be and when I asked said only "it shouldn't be 2 hours". I waited another 2 hours but no doctor appeared and the nurse had vanished. I had care responsibilities and had to leave so apologised to a 3rd nurse who was gatekeeping and left. This last nurse rang me while I was still in the car park and said the doctor had just turned up! - so I ran back and was seen by the nicest doctor, a young Asian male doctor whose name I didn't get - he was friendly and professional, didn't talk down to me, apologised for being late (female doctor had handed over to him, clearly didn't think to notify the nurses), had a look, explained the position and the options and finally answered the question that had sent me there in the first place. This doctor and the nurse who rang me after I'd left delivered above and beyond my expectations, I left happy and am grateful for the quality of care and their caring attitude.

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