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SHP - Grove Surgery

Rated by Anonymous
17th November 2020

1+ hour wait q on phone, Some Drs below par

Grove surgery services has deteriorated further after joining the partnership : SHP. The wait queues on phone lines are minimum an hour ( even at offpeak times). After the initial phone handler talks to you , you have a further indefinite wait to speak to your care personnel for a triage. This service esp at Covid times is more looking after the health and pockets of doctors rather than patients. They have GPs who are locums and only care about their hourly rates. Others prescribe medications without protocol. They are reading out of the same google page as you. A few times I have had to remind them the possible diagnosis! They have failed me repeatedly and I have recently ended up in the A&E due to this. They promise a call back and dont call back. This service is a joke!!!

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