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SHP - Haslucks Green Medical Centre

Rated by Anonymous
17th November 2020

Very disappointing

My father who is 80 called to get an appointment as he needed to see a doctor. He was position 28 in the queue. 35 minutes later when he got through they advised him they needed to transfer him and in the process cut him off! He then gave up all very stressed by the experience. I called then on his behalf the following week because I knew he had to see a doctor. I waited 25 minutes, position 18 in the queue. When I got through they needed to transfer me again and told me I wouldn’t get cut off and it wasn’t very busy so I wouldn’t wait long! When I got through I was position 48 in the queue, can you imagine how I felt? I gave up and tried to book him an appointment on line. He is 80, how can the elder generation cope with this..? He can’t even use online facilities.

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