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SHP - Haslucks Green Medical Centre

Rated by Gareth Harries
16th November 2020

The current service is totally unacceptable

The current service is totally unacceptable, quite frankly it is a disgrace. They have taken decisions how best to serve the community without consulting the patients (customers) or understanding the needs of these. The surgery as I have now discovered has been switched to a Mum and Baby unit. There are older patients in the borough who cannot drive and it is almost impossible to get to the Monkspath clinic by public transport and not surprisingly will not take Taxis. Therefore without imposing on neighbours they can not get a personal consultation, if you can even get one.

It feels that the doctors have retreated behind a barricade, where you shall not get through unless you are deaths door and quite frankly that is unlikely from my experience of an older neighbour who couldn't get to see a doctor properly and did die. Whether it was incurable or not from the beginning I do not know, but she did end up dying from cancer. I'm sure the practice feels it is doing its best, but that is not how the community (its customers) feel. We feel we have we been abandoned. I have complained to the practice about a number of issues, which have been ultimately resolved but i should not have had to do that.

I have taken up with local councillors who tell me they are powerless to do anything as they have no say in what happens and refer me to my local MP.

Whilst I understand their situation, the local MP has no more power to sort the issue.

So how do we make a local service accountable to the public (customers) it serves?

The current approach does not serve the patient (customer) and is Ivory Tower. they know best and the patient (customer) has no say it what is right for them.

We have local surgeries for a reason. Shutting them down, making patients (customers) queue for an hour in a call waiting system, if you can even get in a queue are not the way to TREAT patients (customers), making it so difficult to get a consultation or even a service such as a PSA Test that patients give up, are unacceptable.

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