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Croft Medical Centre

Rated by Yvonne
10th February 2020

Absolutely disgraceful medical centre

Please read reviews about this surgery on their web site. Had a terrible experience with this surgery. Was left in tears all day by receptionist. Receptionist rude, obnoxious. Can’t get an appointment to see a doctor. You have to phone on the day early morning for an appointment that day only, no future appointments allowed. Your in line at around number 91 in line and when you finally get an answer no appointments left. I’ve been nothing but messed about by this surgery concerning my son of 28 who needs life time care. Gave up my life to care for and love him at home saving the Government thousands to be treated like something off the sole of your shoe. People are suffering at this surgery and not seen a doctor in years because can’t get an appointment. Women who need cervical smears can’t get seen without an appointment. Sort yourselves out and NHS sort this out too before someone loses their life. So far people I have contacted to look into this have been useless. I’ve documented everything and kept emails of complaints I’ve made concerning this surgery.

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