‘Good’ rating for Birmingham and Solihull CCG

NHS Birmingham and Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is pleased to have received ‘good’ ratings for all three former Birmingham and Solihull CCGs, in NHS England’s end of year annual assessment for 2017/18.

This has been a considerable achievement by the CCG; the ratings reflect the significant progress made and stability provided for the health system in Birmingham and Solihull. It provides a strong and positive position for the new CCG to move forward from.

A key area of progress has been the CCG’s improved partnerships across Birmingham and Solihull, including being a stronger partner in the sustainability and transition partnership (STP). The CCG’s successful merger, and the benefits this has brought with a single leadership team and commissioning voice, were also noted by NHS England.

However, there remains more to do. The CCG must remain focussed on improving specific targets around urgent care, cancer waits and the transforming care partnership, as well as ensuring a robust organisational development approach.

Paul Jennings, Chief Executive, said: “These are really positive ratings and are a testament to the hard work of our colleagues. We are committed to creating an ambitious and progressive organisation, one that has clear and shared values; we are currently working with our CCG colleagues to develop and embed this across the organisation.

“Starting on our journey to become a more strategic commissioner, we will be tackling local challenges in a more joined-up way with local partners, to ensure our patients can access joined-up care across Birmingham and Solihull. This will mean removing organisational boundaries and supporting the development of new ways of doing things.

“We will retain a clear focus on reducing health inequalities and improving health outcomes for all, whilst ensuring a sustainable health service for the long-term.”

Full report here > https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/ccg-iaf-annual-assessment-report-17-18-v2.pdf