NHS Solihull CCG Legal Directions

NHS Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is proud to be rated ‘Outstanding’ for cancer and ‘Good’ for mental health, by NHS England in their end of year 2016/17 assessment. However, due to the challenging financial position of the CCG, we have been rated as inadequate overall.

Although the CCG has been working in ‘financial turnaround’ since the beginning of 2017, we had anticipated that NHS England will use legal directions to support us in delivering against our financial challenges. The directions have now been issued, and as expected, they require the CCG’s Governing Body and senior team to continue to develop a credible financial recovery plan to assure NHS England of our arrangements to meet our financial challenges.  In accordance with the directions, the CCG will also be working with NHS England to appoint a substantive Chief Financial Officer to ensure delivery against these challenges.

Solihull CCG will continue to work hard to deliver against our £18m savings target; we do not believe that this will adversely impact upon the current services being provided to patients. We are committed to putting in place a strong and detailed integration plan, working closely with our local authority and health partners in Solihull and Birmingham, to develop strong joint commissioning arrangements.  Central to this system-wide approach are our clinicians, who are leading on the redesign and delivery of a more sustainable local NHS for the people of Solihull.  Whilst our financial position is challenging, we continue to deliver better health outcomes for our patients, as is demonstrated in other areas of our end of year assessment.

We are now nearing the end of the consultation into the future organisational form of the three Birmingham and Solihull CCGs, and whilst these directions do not affect the consultation process, we would urge people to provide their views before Friday 18 August.

We would like to thank our staff and partner organisations for their commitment and the significant progress that has been achieved to date; we look forward to delivering sustainable and high-quality health services for the people of Solihull, now and in the future.

Anand Chitnis                                    Paul Jennings

Chair, NHS Solihull CCG                     Interim Chief Executive Officer, NHS Birmingham and Solihull CCGs